ENEDEX announces the world’s first Polkadot Moonbean Cross-Chain DEX for energy trading

ENEDEX, a pioneer in energy trading, is proud to announce the first Polkadot Moonbean cross-chain DEX for energy trading, providing an easy way to kickstart new projects and raise capital. ENEDEX is the world’s first cross-chain DEX focused on energy asset trading. ENEDEX is a decentralized exchange that offers leveraged and margin trading, energy options, futures trading and an auto trading API with data services.

Centralized exchanges have recently revealed their vulnerabilities with both OKEx and BitMEX. Created to eliminate the middleman, Bitcoin has much of its trading volume managed by the same individuals. ENEDEX responds to these problems and answers the call for independent solutions for trade. By decentralizing trade, users can stay in control. This offers the potential to obtain more liquidity than ever before, as is the case with ENEDEX. It makes it possible to create brand new trading markets. Portugal Crypto is popular.

Cryptocurrency global market cap hit the $ 2 trillion mark in April 2021. Security has always been an important factor when dealing with decentralized data management. ENEDEX uses cross-chain technology and quantum resistance to create the most secure DEX on the market and provide superior interoperability and cybersecurity to its users. Through the cross-chain DEX technology, ENEDEX aims to fundamentally transform the way energy markets work. The $ ENE token provides access to VIP DeFi liquidity mining pools with superior APY and APR, staking capability, community governance and early participation in new high-value investments in energy projects.

Energy is the latest asset class to join the DeFi innovation. DEX offers a new way to conduct energy trading in the future. DEX is entering a censorship resistant and transparent universe with democratized global access for all.

According to research by ENEDEX, the current energy world is dominated by oligopolies and intermediaries who control access to energy production, consumption and trade. Energy markets are mainly traded on centralized exchanges that are not easily accessible to everyone, making power unbalanced. Energy Futures and Options contracts are traded in bulk volumes, making it difficult for individuals to trade.

ENEDEX brings a new approach to energy markets through decentralization and democratization by providing equal access to everyone with an internet connection. ENEDEX enables fractional tokenization of energy assets with a focus on renewable energy and Envirotech. Italian crypto is popular.

“It is difficult for the average person to trade or invest in a small amount of energy assets. Tokenization of energy assets breaks down barriers to entry related to market access, geographic barriers, high transaction costs and liquidity constraints, ”said Erik van Ommeren, CEO of ENEDEX. “ENEDEX provides a market to securely issue synthetic assets with collateral, a market for traders to easily acquire these assets and a platform for entrepreneurs to develop new projects that accelerate the energy transition and create a sustainable environment.”

ENEDEX builds on existing cross-chain technology, starting with the Polkadot Moonbeam para chain to provide users with a seamless experience, while saving transaction costs and making the world a greener and cleaner place.

Polkadot is already considered “evolutionary”. The Polkadot protocol is designed to become a scalable multi-chain technology. Unlike the usual blockchain implementations, centered around a single blockchain and varying degrees of generalization depending on the applications, Polkadot aims to offer a relay chain. This basis can contain a large number of validated and globally consistent data structures. It is designed to provide the basic infrastructure elements so that the middleware can handle any application complexity.

Moonbeam is a developer-focused blockchain that aims to provide compatibility with the existing Ethereum developer toolchain and network. Moonbeam will also be a parachute on the Polkadot network. That means it gets shared security from the Polkadot relay chain. It integrates with other chains connected to Polkadot once that functionality is available.

“With a combined 35+ years of accumulated experience in energy trading, strategy, executive management, investments, engineeringring, entrepreneurship, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain with industry leaders, the ENEDEX team is the best option to deliver and manage a product that will shape the future of the energy industry, ”said van Ommeren.